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Here at Bear Construction in Hayward, our team has what it takes to set up utility infrastructure that will last for years to come. We employ skilled technicians that are PG&E certified to help with the optimization of existing utility structures and the implementation of new ones. At Bear Construction in Hayward, we have years of experience providing asphalt and concrete paving services for utility foundations. Learn more by contacting us today!


Our utility service asphalt and concrete paving services can help set up utilities like:

  • Sewer systems

  • Drainage systems

  • Water services

  • Electric services

  • Gas services

  • Cable/phone lines

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Quality Utilities Services

At Bear Construction, we have you covered with our asphalt and concrete paving services for utilities! We have skilled PG&E certified operators to dig the required trenches for any new or existing utility services.

We are certified by PG&E, so you can count on us to do the job right with no delays.

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