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At Bear Construction in Hayward, we believe that you deserve honest and quality service at a fair price.


ADA Compliance

We are here to help. If you are building a new project or updating an existing one, you need to be sure to be ADA compliant.

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Concrete Paving

From foundations, slabs, retaining walls, sidewalks, doorway landings, curbs, pedestrian ramps, and ADA compliance – we do it all!

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Utility Paving Services

At Bear Construction in Hayward, we have all of your utility needs covered. We have PG&E certified and skilled operators that can help with sewer, electric, gas, water and more!

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Asphalt Paving

The elements take a toll on paved surfaces over time, creating eyesores and hazards. Don’t disregard your damaged asphalt, use our professional asphalt paving services today.

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Sealcoat is applied to asphalt to seal the pavement surface and protect it from degradation caused by sunlight, oxidation, and more.

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